Diamond Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing at Power PlantSometimes, concrete structures are too large or awkward to accommodate traditional concrete saw cutting; the material might be too tough, or there may be limitations on work space and time. In these situations, Penhall’s diamond wire cutting technique often provides an ideal money saving solution.

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Sawing with diamond wire is one of the most efficient ways to remove large concrete constructions such as foundations and pipes of a considerable size. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth. Wire cutting allows Penhall to saw through material in confined spaces and through very complex structures.

Using diamond impregnated beads strung on multi-stranded cable, our skilled wire sawing team guides the diamond wire onto a series of hydraulically-driven flywheel pulleys and positions the wire specifically to the area that needs to be cut for your application. Concrete wire sawing can provide an ideal solution for many tricky or difficult applications.

Diamond Wire Cutting

Penhall’s dependable diamond saw wire cutting expertise provides a number of unique benefits for our clients, these benefits include:

  • Safe, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • Can be applied to structures of any depth or length including lock and dam retrofits, bridge pier modifications, industrial plant and process facility upgrades, metal engine blocks, nuclear decommissioning, steam generator replacements and plant maintenance outages.
  • Performs consistently in confined spaces – including underwater—and leaves minimal impact on the environment.
  • Creates clean, precise cuts through heavy rebar, embedded steel beams, and heavily reinforced concrete.
  • Allows for mass concrete removal without breakage, dust, or vibration.
  • Eliminates over-cutting at corners and structural damage.
  • Equipment is fully portable so cuts can be performed from any position.

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