Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Penhall is a certified applicator of advanced composite materials, often referred to as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), advanced composite materials, or Composite Wrapping.

Installing Fiber WrapWhat is FRP?

FRP reinforcement is a non-intrusive solution that provides support of added loads, upgrade to meet new code requirements, and protection against earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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This combination of a durable epoxy and high strength fiber create the FRP system. The purpose of the epoxy is to bond the fiber and allow the fiber filaments to share the load with each other.

Penhall Company is certified in the application of FRP, advanced composite materials and fireproofing of these solutions.


This lightweight, high-strength solution gives you flexibility to apply virtually anywhere while causing minimal disruptions to existing conditions.

Reinforcement solutions can be used for seismic retrofit, non-intrusive/rapid repair, concrete restoration, increased load capacity or change of use/change of code.

Applications can be applied to strengthen columns, walls, beams, slabs, and unreinforced masonry just to name a few. Applications are versatile and can be placed indoor and outdoor while maintaining the same integrity of the FRP system.

Fiber Wrapped ColumnThe Penhall Advantage

Our 60 years of concrete-solution experience allows you to be confident in not only our FRP service, but our accompanying GPR concrete scanning and concrete cutting services.

For more information on FRP systems, call us today at 1‑800‑PENHALL to speak to one of our certified applicators.

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